Federal authority for transport oversight

The Federal Service for Supervision of Transport (Rostransnadzor) is a federal executive body responsible for control and supervision in the sphere of air transport (civil aviation), the use of Russia’s air space, air navigation support for aircraft using Russia’s airspace, aerospace search and rescue, sea (including seaports) and inland water transport, railway transport, automobile transport, and municipal ground-based electric transport (not including traffic safety issues), industrial transport and road infrastructure, as well as transport safety in this sphere and in the metro network.

The Authority is guided by federal laws, orders and decrees of the Russian President and Government and by international conventions, regulations, memorandums, resolutions of the Assemblies of the International Civil Aviation Organization and International Maritime Organization (ICAO and IMO) on the international level. Control and oversight are exercised by state inspectors of Rostransnadzor who has the authority to:

  • Give legal entities, officials or physical persons compulsory directions about elimination of revealed violations;
  • Hold up vehicles;
  • Report matters for court action so that decision is made to dismiss officials including heads of enterprises;
  • Suspend activities of a legal entity via court for a time period of up to three months.

Rostransnadzor is a unit of the RF Ministry of Transport. Rostransnadzor has powers in:

  • Sea and inland water, railway transport and automobiles;
  • Civil aviation;
  • Road infrastructure;
  • Transport security.

Rostransnadzor issues permits, as well as suspends, restricts or annuls them. Structure:

  • State aviation security oversight
  • State aviation safety oversight
  • State maritime and river oversight
  • State railway oversight
  • State road oversight
  • Transport security